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The IWW: The failure of revolutionary syndicalism in the USA, 1905-1921 | International Communist Current

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"Against any accusation of ‘economism’ we should remember that money is capital, i.e. it is the power to command labour. Therefore to reappropriate that money which is the fruit of our labour – of our mothers’ and grandmothers’ labour – means at the same time to undermine capital’s power to command forced labour from us. And we should not distrust the power of the wage in demystifying our femaleness and making visible our work – our femaleness as work – since the lack of a wage has been so powerful in shaping this role and hiding our work. To demand wages for housework is to make it visible that our minds, bodies and emotions have all been distorted for a specific function, in a specific function, and then have been thrown back at us as a model to which we should all conform if we want to be accepted as women in this society."

I really like Coetzee.

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there isnt rly a “grownup working class way” of doing activism, it all ends looking like poets in clownsuits spitting at buses

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In full communism, govt. would give me grant to pursue true love

"a cat is never on the side of power"