Aug 20

If smoking will forestall the grotesque act of human intercourse then light me up

Aug 17


Jacqueline Rose | The Haunting of Sylvia Plath


Jacqueline Rose | The Haunting of Sylvia Plath

Aug 15

blossoming from sullen depressed girl to lovely woman

Aug 07

“I imagine my heart was being broken to make it bigger in order to embrace something I couldn’t have other wise.”
— Cathe Laurie

Aug 06

Aug 05

Via Anne Boyer

Via Anne Boyer

Aug 01


"Perceiving other women as a threat is not actually about jealousy or self-esteem. It is the consequence of historical and material processes, or the significance and value of our care labor. As commodities, women are poised to compete with each other. The further commodifying a relationship, the more this happens."

Jul 31

The Commercial Dungeon Experience: Abusive Management And Exploitation -

Jul 29

"I understood that I was inventing myself, and that I was doing this more in the way of a painter than in the way of a scientist. I could not count on precision or calculation; I could only count on intuition. I did not have anything exactly in mind, but when the picture was complete I would know. I did not have position, I did not have money at my disposal. I had memory, I had anger, I had despair."

- From Lucy, by Jamaica Kincaid

“I’m searching, I’m searching. I’m trying to understand. Trying to give what I’ve lived to somebody else and I don’t know to whom, but I don’t want to keep what I lived. I don’t know what to do with what I lived, I’m afraid of that profound disorder. I don’t trust what happened to me.”
— The Passion According to G. H.
Clarice Lispector