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momus - bishonen

in a shining moment/the myth of the bishonen/the youthful hero doomed to fall like blossom.
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momus - the cabriolet

"Maybe I’m drunk and hallucinating
Maybe this isn’t happening
Maybe you aren’t lying there with tears in your little party dress
At the waist and the breast
Because in real life I was never this aroused by you
I was never this impressed
Your face unstained, unharmed but drained pale
Is suddenly more strange and beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen or ever will
Bathed in the light of the morning star I see someone I never took the trouble to know
Someone I only now begin to feel I could love or make love to
I’m moved and aroused to see you in this strange new way
Bathed in the starlight filtering through the myriad fragments
Of the freshly shattered windscreen of the Cabriolet

In the sudden shock of silence, with the morning star above you
Lying bizarre in the wreck of my car …..
….. I love you”

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Jackie Onassis by Milky

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